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Monroe Integro is a custom rubber and thermoplastic molder of power distribution and temporary lighting equipment used in Solar, Airfield Lighting Power, Shipbuilding, Steel Fabrication, Construction, Utility, and Mining Applications.  We work closely with our customers to ensure our designs meet specifications and are built with superior quality. We focus on value added and problem solving products that are water resistant, durable, and safe while installed and used in some of the most rough and harsh environments.  We maintain heavy correspondence and trainings with the end users.  We invest in inventory for superior delivery.  Our whole team is responsible for developing and producing quality products that are sure to provide better solutions in the field. We are well known for being the company you can count on in the clutch because at Monroe Integro, the customer always comes first!

Market Sectors

Underground power distribution equipment for airfield runways

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Heavy-duty power distribution and temporary lighting products

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Series 22 connectors and panel mounts for dockside to vessel power

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Welding Extensions, Electrode Holders, and Ground Clamp Assemblies

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Low Voltage LED Lighting System for heavy duty lighting applications

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Custom cord sets, power, lighting, and welding products for rugged applications

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Integro: A World Leader In

Power Distribution Solutions

Browse through our website & take a look at Integro’s innovative, value added products! Integro is always looking forward to continuing its efforts to offer the highest quality products at the greatest overall value.

Keep in mind that at Integro, the customer always comes first! Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.


The very foundation of our name. Integro will always do business with you in an honest, professional and ethical way.

Commitment to Growth

Growth is another foundation of our name. Whether it’s growth in sales, system improvements or personnel development, Integro will always strive to continuously improve and grow to become an all around better company.


Customer Service

We take pride in the excellent customer service that we offer. In fact, we will put our customer service against anyone in our markets.


Producing high quality products is a cornerstone of our success. At Integro, we fully understand the value of having quality products that work when you need them, all the time.

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