Integro's History

Integro is a rubber and thermoplastic molder of power distribution and temporary lighting equipment, proudly serving the Airfield Lighting, Shipbuilding, Steel Fabrication, Mining, Utility, and Solar Markets.

In 1995, the former owners purchased the assets of Molded Electric Products, which at the time was solely a job shop, providing only to the Airfield Lighting and Shipbuilding markets.  Immediately, the company improved its product strategy by utilizing its existing manufacturing capabilities and working directly with existing customers to broaden its line of value-added products.  This new market-focused strategy strengthened each year while adding more and more high quality products to its strong line.

In 2001, the company changed its name to Integro, defining “Integrity and Growth.” Integro’s honest, professional business approach and commitment to growth, both internally and externally, continuously improved the company’s unparalleled customer service and personal development.  In 2010, the company moved to a much larger, 26,000 square foot facility, which accommodated this tremendous growth.

Since 2011, Integro developed five new product lines, was granted six patents, and nearly tripled in sales.  Today, our team continues its efforts to overservice its customers, think innovatively, and build quality products every day.  We proudly design and manufacture all our products in the USA while striving to be a world leader in power distribution solutions.

We are looking forward to working with Monroe’s team that will undoubtedly support our company’s legacy, culture, and continued growth!

Why Choose Integro?


We want to be the company you count on in the clutch. When the chips are down, and you absolutely need someone to perform, you can count on Integro.

Customer Service

We take pride in the excellent customer service that we offer. In fact, we will put our customer service against anyone in our markets. Whether it is solving problems, expediting shipments, or doing all the little things to ensure good business relationships, at Integro-the customer comes first!


We are committed to offering the quickest response to your questions or resolution of your problem.  Most importantly, when you need your product urgently, Integro is the company that comes through for you.

Desire to Exceed Expectations

It is our desire to exceed your expectations! We are realistic and understand that we may not be able to do this 100% of the time. However, you never have to doubt our will and desire to do so.

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