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Please contact Michelle Skinnon at or call (860) 832-8960 for more details regarding Airfield Lighting trainings, Welding Preheat System demonstrations, and Low Voltage LED Lighting System demonstrations.

Integro’s “Complete Kit” Primary Connector Kits are used to install Isolation Transformers into series circuits, and to make serviceable splice connections or test points in L-824 Airfield Lighting Cable on primary power circuits.

Integro is now offering training on the installation of the “Complete Kit”. Call (860) 832-8960 for more information!

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Integro’s Welding Preheat System is designed to operate on 100 Amp, 460 Volt, 3 phase power input. It is ideal for effective preweld and postweld heating for heavy manufacturing applications in Shipbuilding, Bridge Construction, Building Construction and Mining.The “Smart Start” Welding Preheat System is tested to UL Standard for Electric Heating Appliances.

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“The Right Idea” is a Low Voltage LED Lighting System equipped with substantial energy and cost savings along with the ultimate safety solution. It is designed to retrofit existing 120VAC Power, consisting of: AC/DC Converter and 28VDC bulbs designed for the most optimal results.

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We want to be the company you count on in the clutch. When the chips are down, and you absolutely need someone to perform, you can count on Integro.

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We take pride in the excellent customer service that we offer. In fact, we will put our customer service against anyone in our markets. Whether it is solving problems, expediting shipments, or doing all the little things to ensure good business relationships, at Integro-the customer comes first!


We are committed to offering the quickest response to your questions or resolution of your problem.  Most importantly, when you need your product urgently, Integro is the company that comes through for you.

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It is our desire to exceed your expectations! We are realistic and understand that we may not be able to do this 100% of the time. However, you never have to doubt our will and desire to do so.

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