Integro offers Stick Welding Ground Clamp Assemblies, Stick Welding Extensions, Stick Welding Adapters, and Stick Welding Whips which are all used to bring power from a machine to a Stick Welding application. Contact us at  if you are interested in samples of our Products!

Why Use Integro Molded Connections?

Every manufacturer of welding connectors designs their connections to be watertight at the point where the male and female sleeves mate. However, with all assembled connectors, water can easily penetrate at the back end of the plastic connector or through the mounting screw holes in the sleeve. This leads to corrosion and to degradation of your welding equipment. Not with Integro molded welding connections. The connectors are integrally molded to the cable jacket, which completely seals out any water. Our welding equipment line is the only one that is designed for use in all weather conditions!

All Integro welding connections are permanently molded to welding cable. Our Whips and Extensions are manufactured and delivered to the market as one solid, integral piece of equipment, not an assembly of many pieces. That is why our connections are so much stronger and last longer in rugged environments.

Most brass connections to the cable are made in the field using a screw down bolt. The integrity of the connection relies solely on the pressure applied to the bolt. This creates two problems: the pressure is not distributed equally to all portions of the connector, and the cable can pull out of the connector when there is pull on the equipment. This leads to repairs, inefficient welding and most importantly unsafe welding conditions. Integro welding connectors are manufactured with quality and safety in mind. After we crimp our connectors we fill solder them to the cable strands to ensure 100% connection. This is by far, the safest and most effective method of making welding connections. Safety and efficiency is what our equipment is all about.

Integro Welding Extensions, Whips and Ground Clamp Assemblies are ready to use, out of the box. There is absolutely no assembly required with our connections. This saves time and allows your welders to do what they do best – Weld!

Quite possibly our greatest benefit. Many manufacturers have fully staffed repair departments that do nothing but repair welding equipment that disassembled through rugged use. All feedback we get indicates that Integro welding equipment cuts repair costs and saves time and money. There is no better value than having equipment that you can count on to work when you need it, every time. We offer that equipment!

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