LED Bulbs

Integro’s Low Voltage LED Bulb operates on 28VDC power for energy consumption reduction of up to 90% versus 120VAC incandescent and up to 75% versus 120VAC LED bulbs.

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Integro’s 28VDC bulb is designed with a beam width of 120 degrees, allowing for maximum lumen output right at the workspace. This bulb is designed to be used for heavy duty industrial applications. Additionally, the bulb is designed without a rectifier. By eliminating the rectifier in the LED bulb, the bulb is free to run at its maximum efficiency and yield its true lifetime expectancy. When installed and used with Integro’s LED Converter, this solution provides the construction lighting market with a safe efficient low maintenance lighting streamer system.


Construction Lighting – LED Bulbs
Integro Part #
Equivalent To
40W Incandescent
LED Bulb 100mA
60W Incandescent
LED Bulb 150mA
75W Incandescent
LED Bulb 200mA


LED Bulbs – Benefits & Features
Long life expectancy: Up to 50,000 hours
Instant start up and shut down
E26 Base, A19 Bulb
Color Temperature: 6,500K Cool White
Frosted poly carbonate cover
ROHS Compliant
Reduces energy consumption up to: 95% vs. Incandescent 75% vs. LED
Vibration/Drop test 6′-10′
IP64 Compliant


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